A new chapter

It’s been ages since I updated this website (I feel like I post that opening sentence a lot!) but I have a valid excuse. In the last year, my wife Ruth carried and gave birth to our beautiful daughter, who is now a mere 4 months old!

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster and we’ve just reached the point of sleeping through the night – I can’t describe how good that feels!

It’s still an incredibly hard job for Ruth in particular and I can’t lump enough praise on her for how well she’s doing as a new mother. You go through pregnancy knowing it’s going to be hard, and plan as best you can, but as much as it’s a cliche to say it, nothing prepares you for having a child.

Anyway, since the focus in my life has changed, this will probably be reflected in the blog. I’m going to be writing a few more posts in the coming months and they will probably be focused on fatherhood rather than the usual work out in the garden. Purely because I have no time for being out in the garden at the moment!

I’ll post the occasional update, as we had some problems with the chickens we had to deal with, (but they are still OK and doing well), but by and large don’t be surprised if I post about some different topics as time goes on. Here’s to the new chapter!