Green Roof Update

As the winter approaches, I need to face up to the neglected “green” roof that sits on top of the building. When the stormy weather hit over the last winter and early spring, the decking got battered, and it was a real repair job to sort it out. Yesterday I ordered the last bit of decking I need to finish the job, so I’m hoping this weekend, I can finally call it finished!

A couple of months ago I did get a chance to do some more work on it, here is the three raised beds I finished. These are now sprouting all types of greenery with no help from myself, so I’ll have to take an updated photo and post it.

Green roof almost there!

I also got around to fitting a chimney on the roof for a wood burner inside. Hopefully this winter should be a bit less chilly inside if I go up there!
Wood burner!

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