Dog Kennel

The latest big news here at Ingle Pingle is that a new member of the house has moved in. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet, Henry!

(image from Ceri Burrows Photography)

Every dog needs a home, and so I have been set with the task of ensuring Henry has somewhere to stay while I am out at work. Dog kennels are expensive, and standard, so obviously, a normal one wouldn’t fit in the garden! I popped down to the local wood recycling centre and picked up some pallet wood. A bit of sawing and screwing later, and voila! I think this cost me about £30 in total. 10552371_258209217722376_2929015119196851492_n10600422_258209224389042_8940516124000728141_n

Henry seems to be warming to it, though it does have some finishing touches to be made to it to make it fully weatherproof. For now, he is enjoying the dry weather with next door’s cat, Ace.