Upcycled scaffolding board Headboard for Bed

Since finishing the floor of the drummer house, I had some spare scaffolding boards left over, which I used to build a nice headboard for my bed. The bed was made by myself a month back and I hadn’t got around to finishing it off. Here are two photos taken as part of the build. Some 3″x2″ and 4″x2″ I had lying around stuck together with some bolts I had left over from making the trusses on the shed roof.

1275677_144299545780011_1141369853_o 1072232_145264915683474_1564229709_o

With my planer, I took a few mm off the surface of the scaffolding board, and then used a sander to smooth it down. The result is a really nice finish. I stained the board to make them the same as my bed frame, and sealed it with two coats of varnish. The photos show it before I put the varnish on, but it looks very grand in the room, and really makes a cool statement. I’m planning on using the remaining scaffolding to make chunky shelves which will go in the alcove to the side of the bed. Here are the finished photos