Interior Clay Plastering

As the summer ends, so does the work on my clay plaster wall. I got back from my holiday and started the mix on the final coat. It’s not been brilliant – I’ve been mixing fairly small batches in a large bucket, rather than using a tarpaulin to mix a large amount, as detailed in many other blogs. This means I’ve been able to complete it myself, fitting it around work hours, but it has also lead to inconsistencies – some mixes have more clay than others, and this is evident as the wall dries.

Clay Plaster_3


Here you can see the difference between the scratch coat and the final coat.
Clay plaster_2
Note the lighting in the shed!! This shows the plaster blending with the tyre wall.


Clay Plaster_1
The wall around the window is complete and looks great where it meets the frame, though this will shrink as it dries and pull away from the wood. I will have to patch this up as best as I can.

I’m planning on covering inconsistencies with a coat of paint, which I’m in no rush to sort out. The next plan is to lay flooring, so I’m tidying up the garden and any excess earth is going onto the floor inside the shed and being raked flat. Once that’s all done, the floor joists will go down, and I’ve ordered some reclaimed scaffolding boards which will lay down to make the final finish! I’m looking forward to seeing how this looks. Here is the lower tier with the repaired wall and almost flat soil..

Garden Tier is almost done.