Recycled Slab Patio


In the glorious weather two weeks ago, I made the most of the dry ground and decided to get the area in front of the door dug up and flattened. Here is a photo just before work commenced! The tyre wall at the back was finished a few days before and so all the remaining earth was excess to requirements for tyre ramming.

The patio, before clearing

Looking at the forecast for the coming week, I knew that there was rain on the way and it’s so much easier to break up the ground when it’s dry and dusty. All the earth was shifted into the floor of the building and raked flat. Despite moving what was probably over a tonne of earth, It hardly brought up the level of the floor when spread out over such a large surface!

Once the ground was flat, Some raking and sand got the level required. As luck would have it, my dad’s friend has recently pulled up a patio in his new house, and wanted get rid of his patio stones. It’s times like this I appreciate the reputation I have for re-using things, as the stones were offered to me and I took them up. We started laying them just before the rain arrived, and so we’ve not quite finished it off, but you can see what it looks like below.

Now the dirt is flat, some sand and free patio slabs go down and transform the area!

It looks pretty cool! I’m hoping to finish it this week, and then I’ll work on the tyre wall, which will eventually be covered with lime or clay plaster (as long as it’s protected from the rain!)