The power of the phone call

As the lime plaster goes on in increasing layers, I’m turning my thoughts ahead to the inside and the clay render. Managing time is important to keep things moving and I need to see if I can get the clay render here for my half term so I can take the time to mix up what I need and try it on the walls.

As it is, I’ve come up with a lot of trouble of trying to source clay render for straw buildings. It’s not something that’s obviously available, and you have to bear in mind, lime is the primary material for rendering straw, so when you do a search, most clay that is sold is not advertised as “clay render for straw”.

My lime suppliers at Ty Mawr ( sell a daub, which can be used as a base coat for render, and I also found a number of links at Low Impact’s website (here)

I have found that to save a bit of cash, clay requires a little more work that lime to put onto straw. The easiest place supplying render for straw is Clay Works, however when quoted, their cost of materials was far higher than I was willing to pay – whilst for a home, it might be OK, I’m just building a shed in my garden effectively, so I’m hoping to do this for a small sum of money.

Fortunately, I started phoning people, and got a lot more information when I was able to speak to someone. As a tech geek, I’m so used to finding stuff on the internet, it’s easy to forget that a phone call is faster, and easier to get information. As a result, I’m waiting on quotes for clay powder which should prove much cheaper, and easier to transport, which I can then mix on site to my desired texture and get onto the walls! We’ll see how this goes..