Lime Plastering the Tyre Wall

I’m getting the final course on the straw bale wall. As it turns out, I’ve probably got about half a ton of lime render that I over-ordered, so I tried a test patch last week on the inside of my tyre wall to see how it would stick.

Here are some photos. As it transpires, the lime render sticks remarkably well to the tyre surface! I’ve also filled the voids between the tyres with a lime/straw mix though in hindsight, the mix in the photo is probably a little lime render heavy as it’s drying quite slowly but I’ll try other ratios in the next few weeks.

The particular ratio of materials in the mix of lime render is not known to me, as I ordered it pre-mixed from Ty Mawr (ask for their straw bale mix), but I know it’s a combination of lime putty, sand, finely chopped straw and hemp.

I was going to plaster with clay between the tyres, but if I’ve got the lime spare,  I’m happy to work with that. On searching the internet, there is precious little information about lime plaster and tyres (who would have thought!) that I feel I should try and share as much as I find out on here. If anyone else has tried, or tries this, let me know.