Clay arrives

In the weekend just gone, I finished the lime rendering and had a nice relaxing Sunday, knowing all I have left to do is limewashing on the outside!

Meanwhile, I had organised a delivery of one tonne of clay from JJ Sharpe (in Devon) which was due to arrive on Monday, just in time for a new project!

Given the difficulty of access to my street for large vehicles, they brought the shipment in a large van with a tailgate lift rather than a lorry with a crane offload, so during unloading the clay was, rather unfortunately, dumped on the road!

The clay sits on the road as it  landed!

It wasn’t a major concern, as I needed to get it off the road anyway, so I had a spare tonne bag and we (me and my parents) set about loading it into buckets and shipping it up to my shed for shelter. 90 minutes later, we had a victory cup of tea and now I have clay plastering to look forward to!!

I’m busy reading up on mixes now, and I’ve ordered my first tonne of sand, though I think another one or two tonnes might be needed.. I’ll post mixes and results up here when I start, hopefully this will be in half term, which is next week!