Window Shutters

With a yellow wind warning coming our way, and no glass in my window frames still, I thought it might be a good idea to get some window shutters up. I started making them last week, with some spare 6″x1″ board I had from the roof construction. I managed to put all of the windows together with materials I had lying around on site, so they cost me a couple of quid for the hinges and casement stays.

Measuring up the width

The cross piece holds it square


One of the window shutters in place.

The fixings for the shutters are from screwfix, and they are pretty attractive, especially when you see the price! (link here) Unfortunately, at the time of fitting, it kept slipping out when both the shutters open at the same time, so I had to screw some wood to hold it shut until I can get more time to look at the fittings. Still, the shutter looks pretty good from the back of the house!

View from the back of my house.