Straw Bale vs the Elements

Three things have occurred to me this week;

  1. I am terrible at blogging about the shed
  2. I am awful at taking photos and putting them on my posts when I do blog about the shed
  3. Cats love my shedShed Cat in the rafters

I’ve not been very well over the last week, but I’ve recovered this week and I’m pressing on to get the shed roof finished and the inside sealed up from the wind. The timing is a little late, as the weather is warming up, and the winds are howling down the valleys this week. Gales of 40mph are expected on Thursday, and I’m sitting in my house listening to the wind whistling around my windowframes hoping my roof doesn’t come off!

Fortunately, my dad is very into his over-engineering and the trusses are tied down tightly to the building, I’m confident it will hold out, but it is something to consider once I’ve got the roof finished that the wind should be excluded from getting under the roof wherever possible to avoid lifting, which could be catastrophic!

I hereby promise to get some photos taken this weekend and I’ll try and post them on Sunday, when the roof *should* be on and sealed up.

The cat above has nestled into the shed very happily – there every morning and afternoon without fail. In fact I get a nasty look whenever I disturb it! Unfortunately, after this week, it will be difficult to gain entry into the shed so cat fans will be disappointed to hear the eviction notice has been served!