An update

I literally don’t know where to begin on an update in what has happened in the last two weeks. Safe to say that at the moment, the walls are raised and the roof is on, albeit in a temporary state. Here is a photo I’ve got of the walls and the trusses on the roof ┬ábefore we put the boards on.

Front Elevation of Building

I’ve learnt so much over the last week, I’ll be trying to detail the mistakes I’ve made (too many to count) and the things I learnt were hugely important in other blog posts so people can learn from them!

All the volunteers I had over the straw wall raising weekend were heroes, and the walls were finished in two days. Once that was done, it was down to myself, my parents and my girlfriend to get the roof trusses put together and lifted onto the building.

The trusses after bring lifted into place.

One of the things which I was well aware of, but is now reality, is all the niggly little bits that need work to get the finishing touches on the building. The next two weeks waiting for the weather to warm up so I can plaster the outside will be taken up by cutting windowsills, stuffing loose straw into gaps and various other small jobs. If I get things finished by June, I’ll be a very fortunate (and happy) man.