The week before the bales: preparation madness

I don’t know where to begin to start to describe the last two weeks or so building up to this coming weekend. It has been an absolute stress fest. About four months ago, I bought the straw planning to raise the walls in Easter and now it is here, it’s a sudden rush of activity as I try and get everything in order for the weekend of building.

Firstly, the weather has been really awful this Easter, in case you hadn’t noticed. I’ve been quite lucky here as no snow has fallen, but about 100 miles north, there are people unable to leave their houses because they are snowed in! Crazy times. The forecasts have been highly erratic and I’ve been worrying that I would have to cancel the straw bale raising and delay the build until the weather settles which brings with it many more concerns.

Being a teacher, I’ve got the two weeks off before Easter, and I am endlessly grateful for that, because I’m spending every day this week getting things ready. It’s not the pace of building I am built for if I’m honest and I’ll breathe a huge sigh of relief once I can sit back with a roof on the building and take my time with the rest of the construction. Perhaps this is the real benefit of building frames when building with straw – the more I think about it, the more I would find the less stressful option of having a roof over my building before the straw arrives!

Here you can see the start of the wall plate going down.

Here you can see the start of the wall plate going down. The building really takes shape with this outlining it!

So this week so far, I’ve got the wall plates measured and cut for both under and over the straw bales. Next up is installing the uprights and frames for the doors and windows, then building the trusses, and I’ll be ready for the straw! I’d have liked to have done this sooner, but cold and wet weather has forced my hand slightly and it’s a case of leaving it to the last minute! I’ll try and take as many photos as I can and post here, if only to document the build for people looking for more information.