Bales are Delivered!

After a fortunate turn of events with the weather forecast combined with the brainwave of getting the bales delivered on Friday instead of Saturday, I now have 100 bales stacked in the back garden, ready for the arrival of the bulk of the volunteers tomorrow!

Picking up the bales Friday turned out to be a good call, not least because of the problems that cropped up picking them up – When I spoke to my friend who had stored them for me she did say that some of them may “burst” when moved. Not being quite sure what she meant, I picked up some extra twine and we made our way to the bales. Sure enough, some of the string had broken over the winter and we had to retie as many as we could salvage. This slowed delivery down by about an hour, so I’m glad we got it done today, giving us a full day tomorrow to tighten the bales and then raise the walls.

I hadn’t considered, or read about bales breaking before, but then I don’t think I knew anyone who had stored them over the winter, so it is something that is quite interesting to note. According to the delivery guy, the breaking of the twine is down to rats, which explained the droppings we found amongst the bales.

Anyway, onto tomorrow! I’ll be trying to tweet progress on my twitter account, so if you are reading this and it’s 30th March 2013 or earlier, check out and you might see a few photos as the day wears on!