Post-Winter Blues

I had a few hours in the garden this morning, after a hours or so yesterday digging, and it gave me the chance to look at what needs to be done now that the days are once again getting longer and the evenings lighter.

I can’t remember when I last did a good days work on the garden, and the work we did yesterday was mainly clearing up after the very wet few months we’ve had – my telegraph pole wall could not stand up to the force of the water & mud, so that has collapsed, and the back walls where the shed will stand which I am building the tyre wall to cover have all collapsed into my rubble trenches. Fortunately, I saw the latter one coming, so I had prepared for it a little, and to an extent, the telegraph pole wall has not surprised me, but it can be a little crushing seeing the repairs needed.

Anyway, with the coming weeks, I will be hoping for a nice dry Spring, and looking forward to getting back to it! My arms ache after a tiny bit of work, and I need to work the muscles back into action! Hopefully I’ll get some photos up of the site as it looks currently.