Going to Space! & Upcoming Volunteering

Despite the snow, I have commenced working on the garden this week – digging the back trench which will eventually be the back wall near my building.

I’m hoping I will be organising two volunteer weeks soon, one in the February half term (11th Feb – 15th Feb) and one in Easter (25th March – 5th April) where the straw bale will be going up! I’ll email a newsletter soon to confirm all of this.

In other news, I have joined a competition to go into space – this is not a joke! I need to be voted into the top 200 before I can enter the next stage, which is physical and mental testing. For this, I need your help. If you can spare one minute, vote for me here – http://bit.ly/WILszR

Your email won’t be used for anything other than the vote – my friends have not received any mail after voting, so please don’t let any worry about spam stop you from voting! Many thanks!