Plans for 2013

Hello again! I do hope everyone is having a nice January.

I know its still falling in some places, but today was the first day where the snow showed visible signs of melting away, and myself and my parents jumped at the chance of getting stuck in to the first real work day of 2013!

I cleared a path up to the back on Friday, and so this morning we had a quick walk up to the top of the garden where we uncovered the tarpaulin to find nice dry ground, perfect for shovelling into tyres! We got four tyres rammed, and started working on the final trench that needs digging, at the far right of the garden. Despite the cold and lingering patches of snow, I’m impressed with the work we completed, and now I’m sitting inside my warm house, listening to the rain fall and wash away the rest of the snow. I’m using this time to turn my thoughts ahead to the next three months of work..

Easter (25th March to 7th April)
Its a mere 9 weeks until the Easter holidays, and this is when I intend to finish the straw building section of the shed, as well as get the roof up and waterproofed. In this time, I have the tyre foundations to finish, so I’m seizing days of good weather to get the ground dug up and the foundations placed. I will certainly be sending out volunteer requests for probably the full two weeks, so if you are not subscribed to my newsletter and you are interested, then you should get involved very soon!

Half-Term (11th to 17th February)
My half term in college is only two weeks away and I plan to be spending every hour out in the garden digging my way to the end of this project! If you are free and you want to come along and learn some stuff about tyre foundations, and hopefully preparing a stem wall for straw bale building, then give me an email, or sign up to my newsletter and you’ll get an email from me when I send one out.

I will update this post in the morning if the weather is favourable and get some photos of my progress on here!

Going to Space! & Upcoming Volunteering

Despite the snow, I have commenced working on the garden this week – digging the back trench which will eventually be the back wall near my building.

I’m hoping I will be organising two volunteer weeks soon, one in the February half term (11th Feb – 15th Feb) and one in Easter (25th March – 5th April) where the straw bale will be going up! I’ll email a newsletter soon to confirm all of this.

In other news, I have joined a competition to go into space – this is not a joke! I need to be voted into the top 200 before I can enter the next stage, which is physical and mental testing. For this, I need your help. If you can spare one minute, vote for me here –

Your email won’t be used for anything other than the vote – my friends have not received any mail after voting, so please don’t let any worry about spam stop you from voting! Many thanks!

Post-Winter Blues

I had a few hours in the garden this morning, after a hours or so yesterday digging, and it gave me the chance to look at what needs to be done now that the days are once again getting longer and the evenings lighter.

I can’t remember when I last did a good days work on the garden, and the work we did yesterday was mainly clearing up after the very wet few months we’ve had – my telegraph pole wall could not stand up to the force of the water & mud, so that has collapsed, and the back walls where the shed will stand which I am building the tyre wall to cover have all collapsed into my rubble trenches. Fortunately, I saw the latter one coming, so I had prepared for it a little, and to an extent, the telegraph pole wall has not surprised me, but it can be a little crushing seeing the repairs needed.

Anyway, with the coming weeks, I will be hoping for a nice dry Spring, and looking forward to getting back to it! My arms ache after a tiny bit of work, and I need to work the muscles back into action! Hopefully I’ll get some photos up of the site as it looks currently.