Winter is Coming

This weekend has given me some great weather, and it’s been a good opportunity to take stock of progress and look forward to wrapping things up for the winter. I’ve got half term approaching next week, and I’m hoping that I can finish the major work and have a well-earned rest over the winter, turning my thoughts towards the roof and walls design.

So, here is the progress that has been made. Lets start with a photo of the site back in July..

Coming forward three months, and lots of heavy work, the site now looks like this..

I’m actually a few tyres away from getting the site totally flat, and clear. Once thats done, I think I’ll have to have a little celebration! The tyres at the back will be six high, but for the moment, I’m doing them three high until I’ve got some rebar from the local steel company to strengthen the walls. They are solid enough, but to make sure they don’t wobble as the walls get higher, a solid bit of iron down the courses should do the job. I’ll post a blog on this when I add it.

Meanwhile I have noticed a problem with some of the tyres – no doubt an issue of rushing the first course. My piles of tyres which will act as retaining walls are ever so slightly leaning outwards, into the back wall. I’m not sure if this is an issue yet, but I am going to try and level it using some stone before putting the rebar in. The retaining wall will be filled with rubble so the tyres shouldn’t fall, but I need to make sure they won’t subside when the roof goes on, bearing in mind the massive weight that the roof will be.

One tier down from this, the first wall I built is pretty much completed, and looking good. I’m thinking about some creating finishes, but you can see here what it looks like.

So, I’ve got one week left now until half term. I’ll be sure to keep you informed about how it goes as I near completion for this year.