The Straw has landed!

I was worried about the day arriving, given the bad weather, but I’m happy to report that the straw bales arrived from the supplier in dry conditions and are now under a sturdy roof for the winter!

I was meeting the supplier at his farm, and drove to my friends farm, who had kindly agreed to storing them for the colder months. The drive from Abergavenny to Brecon was fairly short, but we had already delayed the delivery from last Tuesday because of the bad weather, so we rescheduled for Friday, with cloudy (but dry!) sky as our forecast.

I drove from Abergavenny saying small prayers that there would be no suprise rain. Some of the clouds were pretty dark and imposing, but the Met Office didn’t let me down, and no rain fell! By the time we arrived in the farm in Brecon, the sun was out, and we loaded the bales into the barn quickly and easily.

It’s worth pointing out that straw bale takes up a lot more space than you would think – I calculated the space beforehand based on an average bale size, but in reality it was a lot more than that!

Anyway, its good to have it all safe and in my possession, and my mind can now turn it’s attention to finishing the tyre ramming, plastering the walls and doing the roof 🙂 I’ve got a busy winter planning these things! Sorry I don’t have any photos of the straw, I should have taken some, but I forgot my bloomin’ camera!