Volunteering Weekend in September

I can’t believe how long it’s been since the last volunteering weekend. I assumed I would be able to do plenty of volunteering over my holiday, but I was so busy, it didn’t happen! I’ve had some time to plan ahead now, so I’m setting the date for the next weekend and hoping for some decent weather!

Dates: 22nd & 23rd September
I will possibly be free the weekend before as well, but I will be carrying out some repairs on my house which may take all weekend. However if you want to come down, and can’t make the date above, please let me know and if there are a few of you, I can see if I can switch dates.

Work To Do
Hopefully, for the final time, we will be ramming tyres! I hope to have finished the trench for the building by the time the weekend comes around, so we will be laying the drainage pipe, installing the waterproof membrane around the outside of the tyre wall and putting as many rammed tyres into the wall as we can!

I also have some decorative dry stone walling to do, and earth sifting to create some garden patches, so if you don’t fancy swinging a sledgehammer around for two full days there is work which will allow you to rest the arms!

Accomodation & Food
As with previous times, I should be able to put most people up in my house. For food, I’ll supply sandwiches and an evening BBQ/Meal for both Saturday and Sunday. So far, no one has stayed in the garden in a tent, but it depends on how many people attend! Which brings me to the last bit of the email…

If you are interested
Give me an email at alun<dot>king<at>gmaildotcom and I will send you all details, like location and times and anything else that crops up between now and the date. I’ll then keep you up to date with information on that specific date!