Sorry I haven’t updated the website in a while! I have only just settled down from my crazy summer and work is feeling like a break, rather than a chore 🙂

In July, we hit Secret Garden Party with Green Stewards and had a great time working over the four days. It was almost a washout, but the Saturday and Sunday shined down a treat, and everybody packed up in dry weather, thankfully!

Straight after that, we hit the road with the mighty VW Polo and drove 3300 miles from Crosskeys to Bratislava and back. The trip was organised by Student Adventures and we had a cracking laugh completing challenges across Europe in a adventure along with about 60 other cars.

As soon as we got back, it was packing the bags for Greenman Festival in Brecon, which never fails to amaze. Chilled out atmosphere and a good Saturday and Sunday’s weather meant 2012 was another great festival year!

I have been looking at my calendar for September, and I’m hoping for an improvement in the weather. If things go the right way, I’m making a determined push to finish the foundations and groundwork for a straw delivery in March/April. So, expect a newsletter soon, probably on the coming weekend!