Sourcing Straw Suppliers

As the end of the summer approaches, it’s time for me to start thinking about a supplier for the straw. While I am not planning to build until March (the best time for plastering is early in the year, for the weather to help the setting process), I need to think about sourcing straw now, as it is harvested.

While building with straw is growing in popularity, it still is something which you need to take some time finding suppliers with. Straw is used primarily for horses, and so the best way to find straw bales is by finding people who supply straw for this.

I called a few places, and most people are fairly accommodating for straw, so it’s not something that people should have a problem. Once you explain what you need, as long as the straw hasn’t been baled yet, you will be able to get what you want.

When building, straw needs to be as tightly packed by the baling machine as possible, so requesting this is important. It also needs to be dry, and then you have to be able to store it over the winter in this condition. This is why getting your supplier sorted early is important.

So far, I have contacted three places, in differing distances. One in Shrewsbury, one in Hereford and one in Abergavenny. They have all been considerate for the use, and I’ve even had an offer to come and watch the straw being baled, which sounds fun! Once I have done the calculations and spoken further with suppliers, I hope to have somewhere organised. I’ll be sure to report on how I get along, as this is an area I’m making up as I go along, and the more guidance I can supply for future builders, the better 🙂