Rebuilding the Wall

A while back, I blogged about the discovery of all the stone at the back of my garden. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been digging out trenches at the back to lay my drainage pipe along the back of what will be the retaining wall and the buildings back wall. As I have been doing this, the amount of stone at the back has been surprising, to say the least. It’s literally a pile of stone, so its very structurally unstable and therefore something I need to sort out before I put the wall in.

As I took out the earth to go low enough for my trench today, a load of the wall collapsed, so I am working on repairing it over the next month to get it solid and looking good.

Taking the stone from the wall and after laying the drainage pipe as a guide, I built a small wall around where the drainage pipe is laid. As it is built, I’m trying to tie it in with the pile of stones behind it to make both walls more solid. It also gives me somewhere to put all the stone!

Slowly, I’m removing the unstable blocks and putting them back in as flat as possible. I’ve only just started though, so you can see the work that needs doing below! The wall will be about 5/6 feet high when finished.

So thats the work going on at the moment! Once it’s finished, I’ll be working hard to get all the tyres in the foundations done, so I can relax for the winter and look forward to the straw wall raising, which I am sorting out suppliers for this week!