Garden Update

Thanks to those people who emailed about the volunteer weekend I sent out a newsletter for last week. I have looked at the forecast and it looks horrendous, so I have emailed people to say it probably won’t be a good idea going ahead with it!

Hopefully the weather will improve as August approaches. If there is any sign of good weather, then I will find some days I am free and set up a weekend. Unfortunately, due to my holiday planning, I don’t know how many days I will get in before September, but rest assured, I will sort out some more weekends before the year ends! There are many tyres still to be rammed!!

In new developments, I have discovered a problem with rushing/not thinking things through. My telegraph pole wall is showing the effects of excessive rain and unsettled ground. Slowly, the wall is being pushed forward by the sheer weight of the earth it is holding back. I am currently letting it settle, but I think in September/October I might have to attempt a salvage operation to ensure the wall does not collapse over the summer! Such are the problems of not thinking things through. It’s worth noting that my tyre wall is as solid as ever, and I’m confident that it will hold over the winter 🙂

So, just a quick update really, I hope everyone is well, and I can see that the Facebook plugin is working, because I have subscribers!! Hooray. I also hope this post shows up in my subscription feed, otherwise you will be bitterly disappointed in your subscription!
Take it easy!