Rammed Earth Tyre Wall Plate

With the first tyre wall finished, I am able to use my short breaks between ramming tyres getting the top of the wall finished. As you can see, I’m using some 3″x2″ timber to create a ladder-like wall plate, which I am then levelling using stones built carefully on the tyres.

The tyres are not perfectly level, but the stones sort that out, and it looks lovely!

The pace of the work is not the fastest, and I have to gather the stones from the garden which fit, but I’m so far finding the work looks great from a distance and also suits the purpose nicely.

The work is a little slow as you have to be careful when placing the stones.

Eventually, the wall plate will be filled with stones to the top level, and I can put either decking or paving stones on top to finish it off, and prevent most of the rain that falls from falling onto the tyres, thus preventing any erosion occurring over time.

The stones create a nice frame around the tyres.

I’ll keep you informed as the wall plate progresses. It should be finished this week, if the weather goes along with the forecast!

I’ve added some more stones to the wall, and I’m rather chuffed at how things are turning out. I’m going to do this for the whole wall, and cover areas with various decorations. I’ll keep the posts updated on this!

Taking the stones between all the levels to hide the dirt at the joins of tyres.