Rain only stops the lazy!

With the bad weather the last few weeks, I have found that getting garden work done is a little harder than it should be. Tyres are not ramming because of the muddy earth, soil is heavy to move and mood is not great when you are wet! As a result, I have moved my current attention to the indoors.

My spare room is a little cramped, with a bunk bed supplying a comfy place of rest for a guest. It isn’t, however, very light, and the bed is close to the ceiling! As a result, I have come up with a plan to take down the bulkhead in the room (see what a bulkhead is at the bottom of this post!) and construct a bed over the top of it. Work has commenced, and I will be posting up progress, as I need to get it done before I have guests come and visit!

Fortunately, I am able to do this at little cost. I have parts of an old pine double bed which will form the frame, and the old bunk bed can be used in part as a base for the mattress and other parts here and there. As for a new desk for the computer, I have collected some ideas on my Pinterest board, which I will implement into a little pallet craft for the home. I’m excited to see the results of all this tinkering, and hope I can do it while the weather is wet. If it gets warmer, I might end up rushing back out into the garden, as that’s my real priority!



Good point. A bulkhead (in this example, at least) is the area above the stairs that invades the room above. See this photo for a pictorial example. (taken fromĀ www.builderbill-diy-help.com)