Hi Ho! Hi Ho.. etc..

In the latest twist of the gardening, whilst digging trenches for my drainage, I have discovered that the back of my garden is a little rockier than I would have liked! Today, I pulled up what I thought were a few stones, to find that I’ve basically got a dump of quarry stones in my back garden.
I’ve got no idea how deep the pile goes, or how far back, but one thing I know is that I need to move a lot of them so I can make space for the building floor. Fortunately, the space on my next terrace down has allowed me to use the stones unearthed so far for a small dry stone wall which will form a pond. Other ones I hope I can use for drainage and foundations, but I will have to remove them first to see how many there are!

The photos show the trench I have dug so far, some of the stones in the ground and the wall I have built with the ones I have pulled out. Time will tell how many there are in total that come out, but at the moment, I can’t see an end, and they are big old stones! I hope it doesn’t have an effect on the schedule for the volunteering weekend coming up! I’ll continue working on getting them moved.