Crafting in the Bedroom part 1 – the bed

Over the last two weeks, I have transformed my spare bedroom. I managed to take some time after work each day deconstructing the bulkhead that was in my bedroom, and using some things I had in the attic from FreeCycle (I knew they would come in handy!) I built a new bed over the staircase and a lovely computer desk from pallet wood. This post shows the bed frame I made, and I will add another two posts showing the construction of the computer desk, and the cabinet underneath the bed which I have yet to create.

The bed was a fairly simple construction. All the main work was put into destroying the bullhead that was above the staircase. Unfortuantely, I can’t find the ‘before’ photo I had of it, so all I have is of the wall after I had ripped it out, but the bare brickwork shows how much was covered.

After taking that down, I had to buy one 2m long length of wood which would support the bed frame which I salvaged from the old bunk bed I took down (also from FreeCycle a year ago!). The rest of the wood was used from an old pine double bed frame that I got last yearfrom someone on.. you guessed it, FreeCycle!

By chipping away with a wood chisel and some cuts with a saw, I was able to put in the grooves needed for the wood to slot in nicely and before I knew it, some screws here and there, and my bed frame was complete. All I need now is some plasterboard to cover up the brickwork, and I’ve got myself a nice bed, which is a little higher than usual, but nothing to complain about, considering how close the old one was to the ceiling!