Pallet Computer Desk (crafting in the bedroom part 2)

This Saturday, I managed to make the most of the good weather to get my pallet stockpile broken up, and my pallet computer desk finished. I’m pretty impressed with the results! Below are some photos from the construction.

I got the glass pane from IKEA, measuring 80cm x 48cm, so built the pallet desk to fit underneath that. The total cost of materials was simply the price of the glass top – £10. I’m pretty impressed with the final result considering that!

I will do a cabinet under the bed next, so I’ll keep this blog updated with my next stage of craftwork.

Crafting in the Bedroom part 1 – the bed

Over the last two weeks, I have transformed my spare bedroom. I managed to take some time after work each day deconstructing the bulkhead that was in my bedroom, and using some things I had in the attic from FreeCycle (I knew they would come in handy!) I built a new bed over the staircase and a lovely computer desk from pallet wood. This post shows the bed frame I made, and I will add another two posts showing the construction of the computer desk, and the cabinet underneath the bed which I have yet to create.

The bed was a fairly simple construction. All the main work was put into destroying the bullhead that was above the staircase. Unfortuantely, I can’t find the ‘before’ photo I had of it, so all I have is of the wall after I had ripped it out, but the bare brickwork shows how much was covered.

After taking that down, I had to buy one 2m long length of wood which would support the bed frame which I salvaged from the old bunk bed I took down (also from FreeCycle a year ago!). The rest of the wood was used from an old pine double bed frame that I got last yearfrom someone on.. you guessed it, FreeCycle!

By chipping away with a wood chisel and some cuts with a saw, I was able to put in the grooves needed for the wood to slot in nicely and before I knew it, some screws here and there, and my bed frame was complete. All I need now is some plasterboard to cover up the brickwork, and I’ve got myself a nice bed, which is a little higher than usual, but nothing to complain about, considering how close the old one was to the ceiling!

Rain only stops the lazy!

With the bad weather the last few weeks, I have found that getting garden work done is a little harder than it should be. Tyres are not ramming because of the muddy earth, soil is heavy to move and mood is not great when you are wet! As a result, I have moved my current attention to the indoors.

My spare room is a little cramped, with a bunk bed supplying a comfy place of rest for a guest. It isn’t, however, very light, and the bed is close to the ceiling! As a result, I have come up with a plan to take down the bulkhead in the room (see what a bulkhead is at the bottom of this post!) and construct a bed over the top of it. Work has commenced, and I will be posting up progress, as I need to get it done before I have guests come and visit!

Fortunately, I am able to do this at little cost. I have parts of an old pine double bed which will form the frame, and the old bunk bed can be used in part as a base for the mattress and other parts here and there. As for a new desk for the computer, I have collected some ideas on my Pinterest board, which I will implement into a little pallet craft for the home. I’m excited to see the results of all this tinkering, and hope I can do it while the weather is wet. If it gets warmer, I might end up rushing back out into the garden, as that’s my real priority!



Good point. A bulkhead (in this example, at least) is the area above the stairs that invades the room above. See this photo for a pictorial example. (taken from

Hi Ho! Hi Ho.. etc..

In the latest twist of the gardening, whilst digging trenches for my drainage, I have discovered that the back of my garden is a little rockier than I would have liked! Today, I pulled up what I thought were a few stones, to find that I’ve basically got a dump of quarry stones in my back garden.
I’ve got no idea how deep the pile goes, or how far back, but one thing I know is that I need to move a lot of them so I can make space for the building floor. Fortunately, the space on my next terrace down has allowed me to use the stones unearthed so far for a small dry stone wall which will form a pond. Other ones I hope I can use for drainage and foundations, but I will have to remove them first to see how many there are!

The photos show the trench I have dug so far, some of the stones in the ground and the wall I have built with the ones I have pulled out. Time will tell how many there are in total that come out, but at the moment, I can’t see an end, and they are big old stones! I hope it doesn’t have an effect on the schedule for the volunteering weekend coming up! I’ll continue working on getting them moved.