Volunteering Weekend 21st/22nd April

Briefly, I am back from Ecuador and it was amazing. I want to post about it, but I need it to settle in first, so I’ll give it a week or so. I also have an inspection at the college looming, so I’m going to be a busy bee towards the end of this month.

I wanted to make a post about the volunteering this week, so people know whats going on. I’m still waiting on more accurate forcasts, but the weather seems on and off. I think it might be a little wet on Saturday morning, but the bulk of the day should be dry. Hopefully Sunday will be dry too.

So, we are going ahead! I’m going to get as many tyres as I can this week for people, and here is a rough outline of plans:

Arrival: Aim to arrive around 10am or later. I’ll give people a briefing so you know the general idea of whats going on, and where everything is.

Tools Needed: At the very least, bring yourself and a smile. If you have a shovel or a sledgehammer, bring that along too. if you are driving past a garage and want to bring some tyres, make sure they are 175’s. (Ask the garage man and he will be happy to give them to you!)

Food Needed: I will be sorting out a BBQ and will have some stuff for lunch, but if you bring snacks you might find that helpful for your energy, if you have a particular requirement for food, let me know and we can try and sort something out.

Getting here: If you need to know where I live, you need to contact me and I will sort out directions. If you have already sent me an email, I’ll get something out to you tonight or tomorrow with regards to directions. (got to get hold of my laptop, which I left at my parents!)

Times: We will probably work from about 10am to 12:30 then have some lunch, then go from 1:30 to 4:30 and have a BBQ. This is all very rough, and I suspect people will have lunch when they feel like it, rather than stick to a schedule. Its a work party, not a work day. Ultimately, you may arrive when you like, and leave when you like. The plan for Sunday is much the same for Saturday if you are up for it, but I suspect we will get the bulk of work done on the Saturday.

Weather: If there are any drastic changes in the weather, I’ll send an email out to participants and post here so keep checking your emails as the week goes on! I don’t think much will change though. (Fingers crossed!)

Questions?: Get in touch with me by sending me an email at alun.king<at>gmail<dot>com.

Cheers all, see you on Saturday!