Volunteer Day Success!

Just posting to say a big THANKS to everyone who came along to Satuday’s volunteering. A few of my friends from Cardiff, Pontypridd and the Rhondda came along and joined Martin, who had travelled from Bristol to help out. The weather forecast was not the greatest, and so I understand those who were thinking of coming, but decided against it. Fortunately, we had a good Saturday, and with the gazebo set up in the back for shelter from any brief showers, we managed to get a nice cool day with generally a lot of sunshine! I even got a bit of sunburn!

The before and after photo shows how much we dug out and rammed into all those tyres that got done. I’m massively chuffed with the progress thats been made, and I’m going to crack on over May and see if we can sort out another weekend in June, this time with some cheerful weather to suit the attitude of all the people who came along. I’m looking at the 9th and 10th June for the next weekend, so I’ll send out an email soon. Until then, I’ve got a inspection looming in work, and some writing up to do for the Ecuador trip, not to mention some coursework to complete for my NVQ in stewarding! Busy times ahead.

Thanks again, and hopefully see you soon at a future event!