Volunteer Day 2 – June 9th & 10th

After a successful day in the garden this April, I have look ahead in my calendar eagerly estimating the next volunteer date. Unfortunately, I’ve got a busy month coming up, and I will be unable to organise any events in May. However, early June is looking good for getting into the real meat of the work, and I’ve set aside the second weekend of the Month to get some digging and more tyre ramming done.

I’ve made an order for drainage fabrics and waterproof lining for the back of the garden, so I am hopeful that by the time that weekend comes around, I will be into the stage of digging out the drainage ditches for the back of the building, and looking to get a few tyres rammed as the foundation of the building. There will also be plenty to do with regards to digging out roots and back filling some of the ditches I’ve got in the garden.

So. thats the dates set. I hope people are able to make it, and with the summer on its way, the rain might have stopped by then, and we will have a thoroughly beautiful weekend! Looking forward to meeting new people and seeing old faces there!