Tyre Wall Decorating

I just had to post this photo. I have been wandering around the internet in my spare time, and I am a fan of the website www.pinterest.com (though I’ve not got an account yet 🙁 waiting for an invite!! **EDIT: I have joined! My link to my wall is on the right!**)

Its basically a site where you can post things you like on a wall so you can collect a scrapbook, for want of a better word, of the things you like. So, in need of inspiration for how I will make this tyre wall look attractive on the outside, I searched “tyre wall pinterest” on google and got some brilliant ideas!

Check out some of these photos. I’m going to try a combination of these to break up the long wall, and make it stand out in a nice way. Lets hope I have some spare time in the summer for it! If you have any ideas on how the tyre wall can be decorated with a low budget, let me know!