My First Gig (in a long while)

Last night was a good day, though with a long 9am to 8pm in college to kick things off, I didn’t expect it to be!

I started the day in college, as usual and we had to stay behind after work for open day, which is the opportunity for all prospective pupils  and parents to come along and find out more about the courses we teach. Its not a bad thing to do, its usually fairly relaxed, but I did have to get into Cardiff afterwards for the first gig with my band, so I was looking forward to heading off!

I managed to make Cardiff for 8.30, and we were on stage for 9.30 so I was pretty happy to get out and make it on time!

We have been practicing for this gig for some time, and were pretty hyped about it, so I’m very glad to say it went pretty well! We played tight, didn’t make any major mistakes, and got an encore! (even though we didn’t have any other songs to play, so we had to play one twice!) People were pretty complimentary towards the gig, so we all left on a high. The only thing that left me down was the fact that I only had 5 hours sleep before getting up for work the next day!

We should be into the recording studio in April, so we will be able to put more time into getting some CDs out and spreading the word on what we are doing. I’m looking forward to it, and I’ll post more up here when I have something for you to listen to.