March & April Plans

Over the last month, the weather has slowly started to improve. I’ve seen dry, but bitterly cold weather give way to wet and windy days and more recently, the glorious sunshine has started to creep back into the days. It was an excellent weekend just gone, and I managed to get back from my trip to Twickenham (for England v Wales) on the Sunday to get some digging done before the sun went down.

The days are getting longer too. I’m now cycling to work in the light, and coming back to an hour of light after work. I might start making the most of this and get working on flattening the first tier of the garden. Half an hour to an hour each day should make a decent dent in the work before I realise!

I have re-thought volunteering dates too, which I need to send out a newsletter about. Fortunately, I stumbled into some extra funds this month, which allowed me to book myself onto a straw bale building course for the end of March. This clashed with a volunteering weekend I was planning, but obviously, learning how to build straw bale is pretty important for this project!

My other dates in April are tentative. I will definitely be able to do one, but the other might have to be cancelled due to a possible visit from a number of friends. It would be too much to host volunteering on weekends with everyone about! Either way, I can certainly look at cracking onto the tyre retaining walls throughout May to get foundations in and done by the end of the month. Thinking about the scale of the work required to get the land flattened scares me, but since I’ve not spent a full day working on it yet, I don’t think I quite know how much I can get done in one day. Once I have, I will have a much clearer idea of when I will get this done, and how long it might take. I’m excited about it.

I’ll send out a newsletter this Sunday to inform people about the vounteering. If you are reading this, and you haven’t signed up to the newsletter, get involved!