Happy new year! Time to get cracking…

It’s good to see in the new year, I’ve had a mixed bag in 2011, but achieved some excellent things of which I’m pretty proud of. As most people will no doubt say, I am determined for 2012 to be a better year. It has begun with awful weather and mental winds blowing through the valley, but the forecast for this weekend is looking good so I’m hoping for a opportunity to get gardening again!

The bike shed will be finished as soon as I get a hand hanging the doors.┬áThe weather boards for the roof will be fitted in no time, and ocne the doors are on, I’ll get some “complete” photos up. Looking forward to ticking that off the list and seeing how the green roof goes! Added to this, I’ve just finished a lovely raised planter bed in the garden, which I need to fill with soil. I’ll put a photo up soon.

This winter I’ve been working on Java programming, and a website, bhpcomputers.com which I am doing as a job for someone. I’m hoping to launch the website this month, and get the Java project to a finished state before half term, though I can’t go into more details on that yet!

As mentioned, the weather is looking better, and the days are now getting longer, so by the end of January, I expect to be back on track with the preperations for the shed building. I’ve got a few key milestones to reach to stay on track with building, so the more nice weekends we have, the better. I’m hoping by the end of this month to have sent out a newsletter about work parties in the lead up to the summer.

I’m gearing up for a challenge in my February half term. I’ve not decided on what yet, but either way, I am starting to do regular cycling, swimming, circuits and climbing along with giving up chocolate and alcohol for the month. Whatever it is, I am certainly preparing for it better than the Offa’s Dyke walk, and hope to be less of a state at the end of it! A healthy dose of digging in the garden will no doubt help with the preparations.