Volunteer Help

I’ve been getting back to college work this week, marking, writing assessments and completing practicals with the pupils. Its good to have a target to finish work before Christmas term comes along and its all going well. In the spare time, I’m working on getting plans for a building frame drawn up, and will be visiting people about possible installations. The lovely weekend allowed me to get a little more done on the garden, so its nearly ready for major digging!

I just want to post a big thank you to two websites who have listed my project on their pages, and helped get word out so that volunteers can register with the site. I have posted on a few forums and had a trickle of sign ups, but posts on websites have really started to gain some interest.

Low Impact Living Initiative
This website is for a non-profit organisation who offer some eco-living products and plenty of advice on improving the way you live your life in a more environmentally friendly way. Its got a great forum to get involved with.

Natural Builders
The guys at natural builders are really positive about eco-development and will happily promote events and builds happening on their website. Its a good stop if you are looking for whats going on in eco-construction in the UK and want to find somewhere to volunteer or train.

Many thanks to both sites for the help 🙂