I’m a crafty bugger

A productive Saturday with the father has left me in a good state of affairs with regards to bike shed progress. An abundance of old pallets in my back garden have been taken apart and screwed together into some nice doors where possible. I also had some left over to make myself a nice beer crate for carrying the homebrew around.

The problem when trying to make something out of pallets is the sizes of the pallets. If you know that they are all the same size, you can make your structure accordingly, but if you have pallets of various shapes and sizes, like me, then you have to resort to taking them all apart and using the wood to put it back together into some sort of structure. It requires more thought and more time. Fortunately, with the help of my dad, we had these two resources  available.

We were lucky enough to have two pallets which were the same size, so we used them for the door. A height of 1.2m and a width of 1m per door leaves us with a nicely sized bike shed. We finished the day with the doors finished, and enough offcuts to make a beer crate, as shown in the photos. Next free weekend, I’ll be able to get the frame and roof of the shed done, and the doors attached. It might be a while until I get the green roof on top of the shed, but once its ready, I’ll look forward to finishing it.