Bike Shed work & Garden planters

An update on the work going on this weekend!

I spent my Saturday working at Twickenham for the Barbarians, so as a result, it was a case of fitting as much as I could into Sunday. I got fairly productive, and managed to get the frame for the bike shed sorted, as well as some raised planter frames built for the garden.

The bike shed is just a frame at the moment, so this week I need to get it waterproofed. Flashing and a membrane should do the job, so I’m going to do that as soon as possible to ensure the wood stays dry.

On the planter front, I had a nice long crate which I could cut in half lengthways. I then took some spare planks from disassembled pallets and boarded it to make a solid board. Combining this with some membrane spare from the bike shed roof, I will be able to line it to prevent rotting and create a raised planting area in the garden to hold some vegetables. Its gone together quite quickly, so I should be able to finish it and get it created very soon!