Offa’s Dyke Challenge

On Friday, I will be going to work as normal. What won’t be quite as normal will be my journey after work – I will be heading to Newport to catch a train all the way up to Prestatyn. This is the easy leg of my half term challenge – the hard bit will be where I walk back to South Wales in the following six days along Offa’s Dyke, carrying all of my things; a sleeping bag, tent and cooker to name a few.

I will be walking with my good friend Ed. He first told me about the trip about four weeks ago, saying he was considering doing it for a laugh. Being one of the few people crazy/stupid/willing to join him, he asked if I fancied joining him for a day or two. I said I was up for the whole thing. Shortly later, someone in Ed’s school suggested we do it for charity, and so the trip went from something we could take easy to something we must complete..

We have been training when we can, walking after work, walking on the weekends, and I’ve been using a great app for Android called MyTracks – developed by Google. It’s a handy app you should check out if you get outdoors a lot. But thats besides the point.

I’ve no doubt that the walk will be one of the most difficult things I’ve done. Thirty miles a day isn’t for the light hearted or the underprepared. I’m hoping I come through it able to walk OK, we shall see and I’ll no doubt follow this post up with one once I’m back.

It would be bad practice of me not to post a link, though I’m not expecting many visits from here, as at the time of writing, I haven’t mentioned the site to many people! Still.. you can go here