Garden Development

Slowly, as the winter approaches, I am nearing the end of phase one of my garden plans. Currently, I am working on flattening and tiering the garden to ensure that I have a flatter area to start my foundations on. The work started early in the summer and has been going on in spare time, and on good days. As the winter approaches, I have been seizing the days to get the grass removed from the garden, and Am hoping to fill in the large dip in the middle of the ground. This will also mean I have to build in some ground drainage to account for all the water running off the mountain. I’ll document this if it happens.

The back part of the garden is going to have one more tier built into it, and the very back will be dug down a little from the border with a retaining wall built in, so that the back floor of the house will sit about 1m below the current level of the garden. Once the middle part of the garden is filled in, I will start to focus on the next retaining wall to give an outline of the building. In the coming weeks, I hope to start sourcing some tyres and speak to the planning office regarding (avoidance of) planning permission. I’ll no doubt update the blog with diagrams on how the building will look once I’ve created them.